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Checky Plug-in - Online Help.

Checky Plug-in for Mozilla based Browser.

Design, develop and maintain accessible documents for a semantic web...

The Checky Plug-in for Mozilla based Browser is a frontend to many different free and commercial online validaton and analysis services. Service-Interfaces available for HTML, XHTML, CSS, RDF, RSS, XML, WAI, Section 508, P3P, various viewer, valets and purifiers.

Plug-in Help


  • Validate and view different types of documents in more than 45 different online Services.
  • Easy access through Mozilla Browser Context Menu.
  • Service results appear in new Browser Window or Tab.
  • Configure all Services at one single point.
  • Automatic Upload Local Files (only Services with upload possibility)
  • Automatic Upload Dynamic Intranet Pages (only Services with upload possibility)
  • Checky-Agent - Combine and Start different Services with one keystroke.


Checky-Agent allows to combine and start more than one service with a single keyboard shortcut. Open a Resource in Mozilla and start Checky-Agent pressing SHIFT+F12 or using Checky Context Menu entry.


Validate and analyse local files with the Checky Upload. Load a local file in your Browser window and start a Service or Checky-Agent. If a Service supports file uploads Checky loads the Service upload page into a new window or tab. After a timeout (you can change this setting at the Checky Global Preferences Panel) Checky fills out and submits the form. Hit the Browser back button in the result tab / window to repeat the Service with different temporary settings without changing Checky Preferences.

Checky Dynamic Intranet Pages Upload

With Checky you can validate your dynamic intranet pages. Checky saves this dynamic pages in temporary files on the filesystem and validates them with Services which support file upload. You can define the location for temporary files in Checky Global Preferences.


Configure Checky and all Services through Mozilla Preferences at one single point. Keyboard shortcut: CONTROL+F12.

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