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Checky Plug-in for Mozilla based Browser.

Checky Plug-in for Mozilla based Browser.

Design, develop and maintain accessible documents for a semantic web...

The Checky Plug-in for Mozilla based Browser is a frontend to many different free and commercial online validaton and analysis services. Service-Interfaces available for HTML, XHTML, CSS, RDF, RSS, XML, WAI, Section 508, P3P, various viewer, valets and purifiers.


Checky 2.0

29 May 2003: Checky 2.0 is a complete rewrite with many new Services... Now validate and analyse documents from your local intranet with Checky-Upload. The German translation is not complete. Only Phoenix 0.5 is supported. Install Checky 2.0 now! (Checky 2.0 Release Notes and Changes)

CheckIE Plug-in from Orange Soft

29 April 2003 Orange Soft released first version of her Checky M$ Internet Explorer Port CheckIE 0.1. Cool work ;-) (CheckIE 0.1 Download)

Checky 1.5

28 April 2003: Validate and analyse local files with Checky-Upload and W3C Markup Validation Service, W3C CSS Validation Service, W3C P3P Validator (Policy File validation), Web Design Group HTML Validator, Web Design Group CSS Check, PIAT Wave 3.0 Web Accessibility Tool. New Services: Web Page Analyzer, Vischeck Color blind Simulator and Cynthia Web content accessibility validation. Install Checky 1.5 now! (Checky 1.5 Release Notes and Changes)

Checky 1.0

20 April 2003: Now with WAVE 3.0 Accessibility Tool and Colorblind Web Page Filter. New Advanced installation routine. Major Bug fixes! Install Checky 1.0 now! (Version 1.0 Release Notes and Changes)

Checky Web Site now with new W3C® Table-Less Layout!

30 March 2003: Checky Plug-in Home Page with new W3C® Table-Less Layout implementation. (Web Site FAQ)

Checky 0.8

09 March 2003: The Checky Plug-in now inludes the W3C® P3P Validation Service and some minor User Interface changes. (Checky 0.8 Release Notes and Changes)

Checky 0.7

02 March 2003: Checky Plug-in is now developed with Jakarta Maven and the new MaXPI - Maven XPI Plugin 0.1. Have a look at the new Project Documentation and Reports generated with Maven. (Checky 0.7 Release Notes and Changes)

Checky 0.6

22 February 2003: Language support for de-DE, de, de-AT, en-US, en. This fixes Bug 3214 in the German Netscape Browsers. A new tabbed layout for preferences panels to fix layout Bug 3218. (Checky 0.6 Release Notes and Changes)

Checky 0.5.3

02 February 2003: Preferences panel resizing removed (new User Interface layout planed for next release). (Checky 0.5.3 Release Notes and Changes)

Checky 0.5.2

18 January 2003: Checky now with Phoenix support. Many thanks to Chris Neale from Orbit3+1 and Orbit Retro for a diff. (Checky 0.5.2 Release Notes and Changes)

Checky 0.5.1

04 January 2003: New RSS Validation Service and major bug fixes. (Checky 0.5.2 Release Notes and Changes)

Checky 0.5

28 December 2002: Checky is now part of browser context menu. Preferences panels added for global settings, services and Checky-Agent. The new Checky-Agent to fire up more than one service with a single keyboard shortcut (F10). German (de-AT) and English (en-US) language support. Checky signed application (no additional features now) and new Checky CA available. (Checky 0.5 Release Notes and Changes)

Checky 0.1

20 December 2002: Checky Plug-in - The first release. (Checky 0.1 Release Notes and Changes)

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